AI-Powered Multiple Choice Question(MCQ) Generation from Any Text

Quickly turn any text into engaging multiple-choice questions with our AI tool. Ideal for learners and educators seeking interactive content.

How to Create MCQs with Our AI Tool

Discover a simple, three-step process to transform any text into customized multiple-choice questions, making learning interactive and accessible.

1. Input Your Text

Start by simply pasting or uploading the text you want to explore. Our AI works with a wide range of formats, making it easy to convert chapters, articles, or any written content into a quiz-ready format.

2. Customize Your Questions

Tailor the challenge to your needs. Choose the number of questions, set the difficulty level, and select specific areas to focus on. Our AI adapts to create questions that suit your learning goals or teaching style.

3. Generate and Review

With one click, our AI generates a set of multiple-choice questions based on your preferences. Review and edit the questions for the perfect fit. This final step ensures that each quiz is not only accurate but also engaging and relevant to your learning objectives.

Who is it for?

Unlock the potential of AI in education and training, catering to businesses, educators, and students with ease and efficiency.


Enhance training and skills evaluation with quick, AI-generated assessments. Ideal for staff training, course development, and certifications


Streamline teaching with AI-generated quizzes. Save time on content creation, while increasing student engagement and comprehension.


Boost your learning efficiency with personalized AI quizzes. Perfect for enhancing study habits and preparing effectively for exams.

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